Heart Rate Monitors

With a heart rate monitor, you can measure your hear rate, and even record it whilst exercising. As technology and design have progressed over the years, heart rate monitors have gone from huge boxes … [Read more...]

Yoga Equipment

Yoga is one of the most popular exercise forms in the world. Many people jump onto the bandwagon each day and decide they will add yoga into their daily regimen. Sadly, many of these people lose … [Read more...]


Using the detection of a person’s hips, a step counter or a pedometer can count the number of steps a person takes. It is usually electronic and hence is called a pedometer and is quite portable as … [Read more...]

Gymnastics Mats

In general, mats are safety equipment used for various types of sports and training. In gymnastics, athletes use mats as protective landing equipments as well as performing stages for artistic … [Read more...]

Blood Glucose Meters

With obesity quickly becoming a worldwide epidemic, diabetes is rapidly growing its number of sufferers. When you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, a glucose meter can be a life saving … [Read more...]

Massage Chairs

Those who have problems with muscle spasms or carrying tension throughout their bodies will want to look into everything that massage chairs have to offer. They are able to provide the right kind of … [Read more...]

Exercise Mats

Many exercises are performed better with exercise mats. Yoga, Jiu-Jitsu, ab exercises, and more can all be done with exercise mats. This is especially necessary for exercises that can have a major … [Read more...]

Blood Pressure Monitors

Many people live with various health problems that relate to their blood pressure levels. If you are one of those people then you may want to consider purchasing a blood pressure monitor to use at … [Read more...]

Yoga Mats

Yoga is one of the lowest maintenance exercise routines there is. When you practice Yoga you need no heavy equipment, no weights, no machines and no special shoes. All you need are comfortable, … [Read more...]

Exercise Balls

An exercise ball can be used in a number of exercises. Most people ignore the exercise ball and do not realize the possibilities you have with it. If you are at the gym you may feel awkward doing … [Read more...]

Body Fat Monitors

Many people put too much focus to their body weight and do not actually focus on their body fat percentage. You could be 5'4 200lbs and in great shape. A typical bathroom scale does not take anything … [Read more...]

Pilates Mat

Pilates is a concept of movement, and is designed based on the natural movement patterns of the human body. Many of the body's natural movement patterns on a regular basis consist of simple motions … [Read more...]

Medicine Balls

The medicine ball is a very versatile piece of exercise equipment. You could use this item for a variety of exercises by yourself, with a partner, or with a group. There are many stretching exercises, … [Read more...]

Wrestling Mats

The wrestling mat is an important product for both professional and amateur wrestlers and even those who are engaged in martial arts because it reduces the impact of the body against the floor and … [Read more...]

Garmin Heart Rate Monitors

A heart rate watch is a type of monitor that tracks the rate at which the heart beats. The heart rate watch is the most popular and in demand device to monitor you heart rate that there is on the … [Read more...]

Stability Balls

A stability ball is similar to an exercise ball or yoga ball but there are still many differences. A stability ball is as it says, as it is much more stable than the alternatives. With a stability … [Read more...]

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are used to reduce tiredness for a person who needs to stand for long hours on hard floors like cement. These mats are usually made of various kinds of materials, such as vinyl, … [Read more...]

Ladder Ball

Ladder Ball is a game that is played by throwing two balls connected by a string, onto a ladder. The ladder that it is thrown onto will usually have two or three rungs, and each rung will be worth a … [Read more...]

GPS Fitness Monitor

When you are concerned about becoming the most fit you can possibly be, then you need the right tools to help you get there. Whether it is exercise equipment, free weights, expensive running shoes or … [Read more...]

Yoga Mat Bags

Using proper yoga equipment will help you to maintain and improve your overall coordination and balance. A yoga mat will help you to decrease risk of injury since the mat helps to keep you from … [Read more...]