Recumbent Bikes

Most of you will have seen cyclists riding something that looks like a bicycle, but the rider is in a laid back position. This is a recumbent bike. A recumbent exercise bike is one of the best pieces … [Read more...]

Stationary Bikes

A stationary bike is a piece of exercise equipment that you can use at home. It simulates the feel of riding a bicycle. Many people look at the stationary bike as the lazy way to get exercise. If you … [Read more...]

Bicycle Trainers

Walking into a gym can be an intimidating experience. The building is filled with all sorts of contraptions that don’t seem to really make sense. There are weights, wires, wheels and moving parts … [Read more...]

Schwinn Bikes

Exercise bikes have for years been the preferred workout method for many people. Schwinn exercise bikes provide a cost effective and efficient approach to working out, losing weight and gaining … [Read more...]

Spinning Bikes

A spinning bike can be a very useful form of exercise. This type of exercise bike can help you burn fat easily. If you remain within your specific fat burning target zone you could easily burn 500 … [Read more...]

Recumbent Trikes

A normal bicycle can be very enjoyable but not everyone can, or wants to, ride a bicycle. There are numerous reasons why you may not be able to ride a bicycle. This could include back or neck … [Read more...]

CycleOps Trainers

Bicycling is an excellent way to get exercise and stay physically fit. However, many urban environments in the modern world of today do not have sufficient locations where a person can ride a bicycle … [Read more...]

Bicycle Rollers

A bicycle roller is a kind of equipment for bicycle training that allows the user to ride a bicycle inside the home or in a gym in a stationary position. This is different from the stationary bike, … [Read more...]

Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

One of the most popular workout machines in the market is the exercise bike. For those who cannot make it to the gym regularly, having an exercise bike at home can be really convenient for keeping up … [Read more...]

Star Trac Spinner

Spinners are required for spinning classes. They are also preferred by individuals who intend to go through rigorous workout sessions without having to deal with the bells and whistles of conventional … [Read more...]