Weight Training Equipment

Setting up a home gym can get complicated if you do not know what to buy. There are many different items that could be added to your weight pit but not all of them are necessary. Since there are so … [Read more...]

Weight Benches

Anyone looking to add muscle to their body is going to need some exercise equipment. You will need a number of items such as dumbbells, various bars, and weights. One of the few pieces of equipment … [Read more...]

Smith Machines

A smith machine is a very popular form of weight training tool. It comprises of a barbell attached to a steel rail, allowing for up-and-down motion only. Recent ones often accommodate for a slight … [Read more...]

Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

If you are planning to start working out at home, then a dumbbell set is an essential piece of fitness equipment. Dumbbells can be a very worthwhile method of building up and strengthening muscles, … [Read more...]

Weight Machines

When you want to put on some muscle mass quickly, weight lifting equipment is often your first source of assistance. Nothing will give you the same results as working with weight lifting equipment, so … [Read more...]

Leg Press Machine

If you want to stay in shape or further improve your physique you will need to know about all the pieces of equipment you should use. One of those items is the leg press machine. This is a fairly … [Read more...]

Squat Rack

The squat rack is an important tool for bodybuilding, weight lifting and other sports that require strength training for the muscles of the lower body. Specifically, the squat is an exercise that … [Read more...]

Squat Machine

An exercise frequently performed by individuals during weight training, or patients who require exercise for knee or leg rehabilitation, is squats. This is where the person moves between a crouch or … [Read more...]

Power Racks

A home gym cannot be complete without a power rack. Anyone wanting to maximize their gains will only benefit from having a power rack in their gym. This piece of equipment is used for a number of … [Read more...]

Pull Up Bars

Many people exercise without any machines and this is indeed the best way to go. There are many disadvantages to using strength training machines, especially those that use cables. The best equipment … [Read more...]

Flat Weight Benches

The weight bench is an important type of gym equipment that may also be purchased for the home. Getting this kind of exercise equipment for the home offers the advantage of performing your workouts in … [Read more...]

Trap Bar

The trap bar is a piece of exercise equipment that is commonly used for those engaging in weight training. It contains bars that have been welded into a shape lying flat in a plane. This exercise or … [Read more...]

Dumbbell Racks

If you have, and use dumbbells, then you are going to need some method of storage to keep them out of the way when you're not using them. They can get in the way, and it's not the best idea to leave … [Read more...]

Lat Machines

The lat machine (or lat pull-down machine) is a type of weight lifting equipment that is designed to target your Latissimus dorsi. There is only one major exercise performed on the lat machine, the … [Read more...]

Powertec Bench

If you are tired of going to a fitness club and paying a monthly fee just to stay in shape you may be interested in a Powertec bench home gym system. Powertec has a few different models to choose … [Read more...]