A treadmill, or running machine, can be one of the most important items in your home gym. A treadmill gives you the most intense cardiovascular exercise possible. You have the ability to modify the … [Read more...]


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ProForm Treadmills

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The stepmill is one of the most under-used, under-rated machines in most public, and home, gyms. It is, admittedly, quite a challenging exercise, that places a great work out on the legs- particularly … [Read more...]

Compact Treadmills

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NordicTrack Treadmills

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Weslo Cadence Treadmills

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Manual Treadmills

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Underwater Treadmills

The underwater treadmill is one of several types of aquatic exercise equipment available and is gaining in popularity despite their steep price. These types of treadmills vary in their appearance, … [Read more...]

Treadmill Desks

An important exercise tool for people who sit a lot while working is the treadmill desk. The concept was development Dr. James Levine where an employee walks slowly on a treadmill while doing his or … [Read more...]

Landice Treadmills

Landice Inc. specializes in making treadmills and has been doing so for the last 40 years. In fact, they only make treadmills and nothing else. There is now way over 50,000 health clubs and gyms that … [Read more...]

Horizon Fitness Treadmills

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Folding Treadmills

A treadmill is a machine that lets you exercise by walking or running, while staying in one place. It works by a conveyor belt that spins around at different speeds, allowing you to run while you stay … [Read more...]

Reebok Treadmills

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