Recumbent Bikes

Most of you will have seen cyclists riding something that looks like a bicycle, but the rider is in a laid back position. This is a recumbent bike. A recumbent exercise bike is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment you can have. Cycling in a recumbent position has many benefits due to their ergonomic build. A recumbent bike is the best model to get for older people or those who are overweight when they want to get a good cardiovascular workout.

There are several advantages to using a recumbent bike as opposed to an upright one. Nowadays there are also recumbent tricycles, as well as the original design of the bike. Obviously, along with the advantages to using a recumbent bike, there are some negative aspects. If you are looking to buy a recumbent bike, then it is important that you look at the pros and cons before making a purchase. Let’s first take a look at the pros.

The first advantage to a recumbent bike, is the safety of the rider. With a standard bicycle, the distance between the rider and the ground is significant enough to cause serious injury if there were to be an accident and the rider were to fall off. However, with a recumbent bike, the rider is a lot closer to the ground, so the risk of falling off and sustaining a serious injury is fairly minimal. The brake system on the recumbent bike is a lot easier and safer to use than that of the standard bicycle, so stopping and controlling a recumbent bike is a lot easier.

The next plus point is comfort. With a standard bicycle the rider has to sit on a very uncomfortable seat as it is very small. With a recumbent bike there is a full sized seat that allows the rider to recline whilst riding the bike. On a standard bike, the rider has to balance, whereas on a recumbent bike no balancing is needed. This is because the rider is in a reclined position so it is just like sitting down as you normally would.

The next advantage to a recumbent bike is the health benefits that come with it. For a start, if you have ever rode long distances on a standard bike, then you will notice that your back, neck and arms end up in a lot of pain by the time you have stopped riding. With a recumbent bicycle, the riders back is fully supported. It strengthens leg muscles too as more power has to be used when cycling on a recumbent bike.

Recumbent bikes differ from upright bikes in their form of sitting positions; recumbent bikes offer a slightly backward pose whereas an upright bike forces you to sit in an erect position, which can often induce stress and discomfort during exercising. Also, the attainment of physical improvements is easier when using a recumbent bike, as while one works out, the abdominal muscles are not under strain, making breathing easier and clear, providing an enhanced cardiovascular fitness routine. Recumbent exercise bikes are very popular and have been around for decades, as consumers state that they are the best fitness machines to buy for home use.

A fitness bike on which you are allowed to lean back and relax and stretch your legs outward is much more convenient to use then a normal bicycle, the seating position of which causes you to lean forward and grip the handlebars, increasing stress and weight on your entire body. A recumbent exercise bike does not let you crouch, and lets your hands and arms fall free. You can sit on the bike as you would in a normal chair. There is no occurrence of numbness on the hands and wrists and lower body regions, as a recumbent is resolute in not letting you sit upright, but letting you lean back and work out at ease, which is why consumers usually prefer recumbent exercise bikes over standard bicycles. All recumbent models have heart rate sensors situated on the handgrips, allowing you to obtain your own pulse data at a glance.

Schwinn is one of the most popular brands of recumbent bikes. Schwinn models use resistance mechanisms in the form of the quiet, magnetic EBC (Eddy Current Brake), whose electromagnetic inductions can be controlled using simple buttons located on the control panel. Series 203 to 20 offer 8 different ranges of resistance, whereas the 230 and 231 have 16 levels, which can be greatly helpful when working out meticulously is required. The range of Schwinn recumbent bike models varies from models 20, 203, 230 and 231, which can cost between $250 to $600.

The elite Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a standout one, as it includes 23 workout programs, and a LCD screen which shows various types of information about your workouts in the form of time, RPM, distance, watts, pulse, calories, resistance and speed.

Another popular favorite is the Nautilus NR2000 Recumbent Exercise bike, a superior and expensive piece of equipment which may cost well over $1000. However, Nautilus has generally received good reviews and ratings for home use, as they are durable and efficient exercise machines that deliver great gym-like quality even with long-term use. The bonus is the warranty that finishes at 10 years for parts, which is highly advantageous to consumers if the product ever tends to break down within that period. It contains 6 workout programs along with 16 different resistance levels that are induced by a electromagnetic resistance mechanism. Moreover, the extra-wide pedals make the exercise routines more effortless and stress-free.

Lastly, the Marcy recumbent exercise bikes are not far behind either of the other brands discussed here. With eight different forms of resistance and a LCD screen which displays numerous information about your workout, this recumbent bike helps you maintain a well-regulated fitness routine. This bike is intended for use by people who find standard biking methods uncomfortable and those who have had injuries as comfort is guaranteed. The bike position is super comfortable with easy mount and dismount access through the recumbent backward frame seat, which can be adjusted to fit all body shapes and sizes.

As with all things, there are also negative aspects to consider when it comes to a recumbent bike. One obvious disadvantage to a recumbent bike appears when it comes to riding uphill. It requires a lot of strength to cycle uphill as you can’t stand up to produce more power. As a result, the overall time that you will have to spend traveling would more than likely work out more than it would if you were using a standard bike.

Another disadvantage is the price. You can expect to pay a significant amount more for a recumbent bike than you would for a standard bike. This is understandable, as a recumbent bike obviously needs more materials than a standard bike. It can also be difficult to ride a recumbent bike safely as it is hard to see the road that you are traveling because you are so close to the ground.

You should consider all of the pros and cons before you purchase a recumbent bike. There are several disadvantages, but also several plus points too, so it is totally down to what meets your needs. The price range will vary greatly so be prepared to look around for the best deal. Be sure you are buying a recumbent bike that is highly durable if you are going to be riding it on the road for safety purposes.

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