Smith Machines

A smith machine is a very popular form of weight training tool. It comprises of a barbell attached to a steel rail, allowing for up-and-down motion only. Recent ones often accommodate for a slight amount of forward-backward shifts as well. The smith machine is used for a variety of weight lifting exercises. The machine includes a barbell that is fixed in place in the machine. This bar can only be moved vertically. This allows for much cleaner and safer lifts. You can also find some smith machines designed to have a bit of give (forward/backward movement) but this is not as common. The smith machine is pretty popular and you will find them in most gyms with weight lifting equipment. This can be a good addition to any home gym as well but not everyone likes them. There are still many benefits to owning a smith machine but it is definitely a personal preference.

Advantage and Disadvantages
Free weights are great but there are still many issues associated with them. If you do not have a workout partner then you cannot safely perform various exercises. For instance, there is no safe way to bench press (especially when trying for a single rep max) without a spotter. However, by using a smith machine you eliminate the risks that come along with free weights. The steel rails are used to guide the bar up and down. This prevents the bar from shaking too much and there two main benefits from this – you are forced to have perfect form and an injury is less likely. The safety factor of the smith machine is by far the most important reason why it should be considered at all. Of course, there are still other benefits as well. You could even lift more weight as you do not have to waste energy preparing the bar for the bench press.

Stabilizing the bar is actually a crucial part of you benefiting from lifting weights. If you are not doing this then you are not exercising certain muscles. This is similar to working out your legs and attempting to increase your vertical jump. If you were to target endurance it would not help with the muscles associated with explosive jumping.  You could even end up injuring your muscles even from casual stress on it (example: while doing construction work) because you are not working the muscles used to stabilize the bar. Basically, as there is no need to balance the bar you end up with an imbalance of muscle development.

Also, while it was mentioned that the smith machine allows you to use perfect form, this is slightly incorrect. You will be using perfect form for the smith machine but this may not be perfect form with free weights. The main idea is that you cannot really have poor form in the smith machine. However, if you frequently use a smith machine it can actually lead to extremely poor form. Free weights do not just go straight up and down. Naturally there will be a bit of arc in the up and down movements. Without this you are not really using perfect form. Poor form can also lead to muscle tears and other injuries.

Body Solid Smith Machines
Body Solid is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality fitness gears. They have a wide range of products which are designed for both home and commercial use. The Body Solid Series 7 Smith machine was built to have all the characteristics a classy smith machine should have. Safe and powerful tool for weight training, Body-Solid Series 7 Smith Machines are designed uniquely to provide free weight freedom of a half-cage and allow only the right type of workouts. With 7-degree reversed pitch, the Series 7 permits usual vertical movement of both the upper and lower portion of the body, making provisions for the maximum limit of action for the muscles, a trait which a typical smith machine does not have.

The Body-Solid smith machines are excellent for rigorous chest and shoulder drills. The large diameter of the machine allows the smith bar to react smoothly. It offers a set of the best attributes of a smith machine, multi-station gyms and half-cage, combined with the best warranty deal in the market. The 20-cross member lock-out points ensure safe workout sessions with easy 15-degree turnarounds of the bar, thus removing the necessity of a spotter. As for exercises which require a free action of weight, the 14-position gun rack with a 17″ extra-strong safety feature is set to a 7-degree reversed pitch as well, allowing suitable liftoff positions and conventional racking. The easy handling of it makes it useful for amateurs and professionals alike. The addition of an optional Selectorized Lat Attachment allows users to perform a wide range of exercise from triceps pressdowns to lat pulldowns, and a lot more.

Body-Solid Series are a commodity of highly developed biomechanical design, superior structure and thorough quality standards. An exact angle of 7 degrees of the reverse pitch of the Smith Machine, with a combination of 7-degree free weight workout center of the barbell. This style intends to allow for natural workouts for both the top and the bottom parts of the body. Twenty crossmember lock-out positions with a linear ball bearing system, which allows the user to easily come to a stop at any point in time during the drills. Freeweight gunrack system with fourteen positions for lift-off and racking, ensuring the user complete flexibility and control over the exercises. A smith bar of sizable radius weighing 25 lbs. It makes provisions for smooth handling, thus making the machine easy for amateurs to use.

There are many reasons why you would want to avoid the smith machine but there are still many reasons why you could benefit from using it. As you do not need a spotter it could be a convenient machine for people that work out alone. Also, it could be a great piece of equipment for those that just returned to lifting weights after rehabilitating from an injury. This is because of the range of motion used with the smith machine as it will decrease the chance of your muscles being injured again easily.

Overall, you should not switch to using a smith machine if you are already using free weights. Try the smith machine and see if you like it. It is definitely a personal preference and many people will find it very discomforting. If you enjoy using it then just opt to it for certain exercises but do not quit doing other free weight exercises.

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