A treadmill, or running machine, can be one of the most important items in your home gym. A treadmill gives you the most intense cardiovascular exercise possible. You have the ability to modify the intensity of your exercise by changing a number of settings. This includes controls for various settings such as the speed and grade the running machine is set to.

The benefits of owning a treadmill should already be pretty obvious. What is more important to focus on is what you should think about before purchasing one. There are many different treadmills on the market and many of them are a pretty bad investment. You will have to look through all your options and choose the best product within your budget.

When you are developing the habit of exercise, the weather can work against you. Weather it is cloudy and rainy, stormy and windy, hailing or humid, you have got to try to get outside and run or walk. You must, that is, unless you have a home treadmill. With a home treadmill you can avoid all the nasty outdoor weather and walk or run at your leisure.

Regular exercise is the key to weight loss, muscle building and improved health. The best way to get into the habit of regular exercise is to attempt to exercise in a steady routine for 21 days, which can be next to impossible when inclement weather is working against you. Your home treadmill will make the difference that you need so you can instill those good exercise habits in your life. In addition, you can also enjoy your own air conditioning when you exercise on your home treadmill or add a fan to the area. The creature comforts of home are never so welcome as they are when you are working out.

Some days, those same old songs on the mp3 player are nothing more than boring. On these days, you might want to watch a television show while you are out for your run—but you can’t exactly carry around a portable television while you attempt to walk or jog. When you have a home treadmill, you can watch television while you exercise in the comfort of your own home. You can watch shows that you have recorded, old movies on DVD or any other program you wish. This is even better than a gym which offers a very limited selection of programs to watch while you work out.

If you are a student, you lose valuable study time when you walk outside. Instead, using a home treadmill for your exercise needs gives you the ability to study while you avoid (or lose) the freshman fifteen. If you are not a student but just love to read books or magazines then you too will find a home treadmill very handy for combining your exercise and recreational needs.

A very important factor in what type of treadmill you end up purchasing is your budget. If you can only afford to spend $500 or less on a treadmill then you will not get a good machine. A good treadmill can easily cost $1,500 to $2,000 and sometimes even more. You should expect to pay around $800-900 plus taxes for a decent treadmill that will give you a good workout and last a while.

Types of Treadmills
There are a few different types of treadmills you can choose from. You should avoid a manual treadmill at all costs as you will not get a good workout. Your two main options would be a foldable treadmill and a standard treadmill. It would be recommended to go with a standard design unless you are extremely stressed for space.

You will have to consider the design of the treadmill. Take a look at how much space it will take in your room and make sure you will not have any space issues. Also take a look at the size of the running track on the treadmill. If you can barely stay on the treadmill while running then it may be uncomfortable. A larger treadmill is strongly recommended as it has a larger running space and you are not limited in space. You may also want to check if there is a water bottle holder as well as you do not want to have to stop in the middle of an exercise to get a drink of water.

There are many different treadmills that come with a wide variety of features. Some even include built-in TV’s and more. You will want to make sure the treadmill has all the basic features such as speed and grade control. A heart rate monitor would also be very useful. Other features such as setting session goals such as a pre-planned program pace could be useful. These could be a steady climb in intensity or it could be intense interval changes.

It is very important to buy a high quality treadmill so you only want to buy from a good brand. Do some research on the more reputed treadmill brands on the market today. Some of the well known treadmill brands include ProForm, NordicTrack, Weslo Cadence, Landice, Horizon Fitness, Reebok, Trimline, Life Fitness, sole, and Bowflex. Once you compile a list of brands that are worth purchasing from you can look at specific models. After you find a few models that interest you, it would be recommended to look for reviews on them to find out how good they really are.

No matter how routine you think a workout on a treadmill is, there are still some safety precautions you must follow. Always put the safety tab in your hand as you walk so that, in the event you lose your balance on the treadmill, the machine will turn off. Also, be sure to monitor your heart rate so that it does not exceed your target heart rate. Lastly, make sure that you visit your primary care physician before you begin your treadmill workout. While walking may seem like a relatively harmless activity it does not mean that you are healthy enough to start a workout routine. Your physician can let you know if the workout is safe for you based on your current health and can discuss with you how intensely you should be working out. He or she can also give you an idea of the appropriate amount of weight loss to work towards if that is your desire.

This article has only covered a few of the more important things to consider when buying a running machine. There are still many other factors to consider as well. You should make your purchase based on solid information and personal preference. Find a treadmill that is going to last you a while and perform well but make sure you are comfortable using it as well.

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