Weight Benches

Anyone looking to add muscle to their body is going to need some exercise equipment. You will need a number of items such as dumbbells, various bars, and weights. One of the few pieces of equipment that should be a staple in any weight lifting environment is the weight bench. A weight bench is specially designed for use in weight training. It can be a simple cushioned bench where a person can lie down and perform bench presses. Or it can have several features and additions that are useful for weightlifting. Usually, an adjustable rack is provided so that the user can lift the weight bar without needing another person to hand it to him. Fixed upright supports may also be provided. Other important possible features include an attachment for triceps exercises, a multi-use leg bench for performing leg extensions and leg curls, and an abdominal bench for exercising the abdominal muscles.

There is no denying the importance of a weight bench. Many people look at the weight bench as just a product to complete a bench press with. This is where many people misunderstand the importance of using a weight bench. There are many different exercises that are performed on a high quality weight bench. This includes the standard bench press, incline and decline bench press, butterflies, and more.

Types of Weight Benches
If you go to a local gym you should consider yourself lucky. All gyms are equipped with Olympic weight benches. These are much larger than the weight benches found in most homes. There are a variety of reasons why an Olympic weight bench is preferred over a standard weight bench. The main advantage to an Olympic bench is the grip. With a standard bench you cannot perform a normal bench press grip properly. Some designs may be more convenient than others (such as being able to reach around the posts to get a grip) but there are no standard benches that can compare to Olympic benches.

An Olympic weight bench uses an Olympic bar which is usually around 45lbs (standard benches use very light bars). The weight capacity is also much higher and some standard benches can barely hold over 100lbs. Many Olympics benches can be set to incline, decline, or normal position. Most standard benches can only be in normal or incline position.

You also have to look at the accessories that are included with each bench. This is where a standard bench may appear to be more interesting. A standard bench can come with leg curl extensions, butterfly curl extensions, and more. Some models also include a tower design addition which can be used for various upper body exercises.

Truthfully, if you could afford an Olympic bench and other high quality equipment it would be extremely preferred. For people that are beginners to weight lifting or are still lifting lightweights then they may be fine with a standard bench. It may also be fine for beginner to intermediate female weight lifters.

Weight Bench Workouts
The most common use of the weight bench is, of course, the bench press to train the chest. The exercise steps are simple. The user simply lifts the weight bar off his chest until his arms are straight and then slowly returns it carefully to his chest. Various kinds of exercise benches are available. The common types are the standard horizontal bench, the fixed incline or decline bench, and the adjustable bench. Different choices for this kind of bench are also available based on the amount of padding that has been provided.

The muscles that are targeted in bench press exercises are the chest or pectoral muscles, the shoulder muscles and the triceps. Following a properly designed power lifting procedure that uses the bench press while lying on an exercise bench can result in the development of balanced strength in a person’s upper body. There are certain precautions that a person must follow when performing this kind of exercise. These include not lifting your back when you are lifting the weight bar because this can lead to injury, always having a spotter so that you would not be stuck if you are unable to lift the weight bar one more time, ensuring that you are utilizing the proper method, utilizing a safety rack, and avoiding excessive weights because this can lead to an overuse injury.

Weight benches can also be used to perform the bench dip, which is a kind of exercise that permits the user to focus on the pectorals or triceps depending on the grip. A narrow grip allows him or her to focus on the triceps while a wide grip concentrates on the pectoral muscles. This kind of exercise is vital for movements that are required in certain kinds of sports like basketball, softball, baseball, tennis and football. Cyclists may also benefit from the development of stronger triceps to reduce fatigue.

For the bench dip, two exercise benches are required. The first step is to position the benches four to five feet away from each other and in parallel. You then sit on one bench while facing the other one. The next step is to stretch your legs towards the other bench. You will need to adjust your position so that your body’s center of gravity will be located in the gap between the two benches. You will then lower yourself slowly as far as you can go and return to the original position. This should be repeated five to 10 times.

Buying a Weight Bench
When planning to buy an exercise bench, there are several things that you need to do. The first step is to determine your budget. The next step is to find a bench that can accommodate the weights that you commonly use. Do not forget to measure the dimensions of the specific spot in your home where you plan to position the bench. While browsing for weight benches, always check their dimensions to ensure that they will fit in that particular area of your home. It is also advisable to choose an adjustable bench to allow you to do more kinds of exercises.

When buying a weight bench you will have to consider your budget, the amount of space in your home, and what you are purchasing with it. If you need to buy all the bars, weights, extensions, and more then it may start to add up. An Olympic bench can run you $300-500 or more and a high quality Olympic bar can easily cost $200-300. Factor in the cost of the weights as well. Expect to pay around $1 per pound for weights for you Olympic bench.

If you wish to purchase a standard bench then you could easily get everything for around $200. If you are an absolute beginner and can only lift lightweights then you may be satisfied with the product for the meantime. A standard bench could be a good way to get you to transition into daily lifting and then move on to working out at a gym instead. If you can look at various standard weight benches in store and check how easy a basic bench press grip is prior to purchasing it would be recommended.

The last thing you should do when buying a weight bench is check up on reviews for the particular model (or brand) online. You can find out how the product worked for other people and decide based on their experiences. This could help prevent a number of issues if you made a blind purchase. For instance, if the bench tends to be uncomfortable for people with a bigger back, it may be a concern for you. Keep all of this in mind when shopping for a weight bench and make a smart decision when you make a purchase.

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